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METALCO (GLAZING) LTD is a member of the METALCO GROUP OF COMPANIES, which is active in Cyprus, since 1944 in various sectors of the construction Industry


The company was formerly known as METALCO (ALUMINIUM) LTD, and was a pioneer in the introduction and use of aluminium architectural applications in the Mid 60s. During that period the company was also involved in the importation of specialized glass for prestigious buildings.

In 1982 the company decided to diversify in the production of double glazing installing automatic machinery for this purpose and using the double seal method with Polysulphide sealants of European origin.

In 1988 the company expanded further and installed machinery for the production of laminated and bullet proof glass.

In 1989 the company started manufacturing high performance insulating glass (gas filled double glazing) which, when combined with low emissivity glass provides high insulation (U =1.2 W/m² ºC).

In 1990 the company installed a new ultra modern production line, fully automatic, purchasedfrom PETER LISEC of AUSTRIA internationally acclaimed as the most advanced manufacturer of double-glazing with daily production capacity of 500 m².

In 1993 the company installed an automatic C.A.M., glass cutting line with optimization software programme, capable of cutting glass from jumbo size (5100X3210mm) sheets.

In 1995 the company signed a licensing Agreement with DOW CORNING a multinational company which is world leader in the supply of silicon for structural glazing applications. At the same time investments were made in metering and dispensing machinery, testing equipment as well as bevelling machinery.

In 2004 the company signed a Licensing Agreement with Pellini S.p.A (ScreenLine), an Italian Company, which is a market leader in the production of blinds (Venetian blinds) within the sealed chamber of two glass panes. Also, the Company signed a Licensing Stockist Contract with A.G.C Company for the selling cut size glass of Pyrobel and Pyrobelite fire resistant glass. Note that, the head office, factory and warehouse of the company occupying 2500 m² is built in Government owned land under a 99 year leasing agreement and is situated in the Strovolos Industrial Estate in Nicosia.

In 2008 the company in order to cover the increasing demand installed 2 more cutting lines. Firstly installed the cutting table Synchro MTS with special pushing device and optimisation software from GLASTON (Bavelloni) of Italy, and secondly installed a cutting table for Laminated Glass.

In 2009 recognising the increasing market and the need for safety glass, the company expanded its factory area to 3700 m² and later in the year installed a complete production line for tempered glass from the world’s leading company Tamglass of Finland. In parallel the company also installed a cutting and bevelling CNC machine for the treatment of tempered glass from Glaston (Bavelloni) of Italy.

Very soon a production line of laminated glass (EVA) is expected to be installed completing thereby the investment plan of the company in safety and security glass. The value of the machinery operating in the factory in the year 2010 exceeds the amount of EUR 3.000.000, which compares very favourably with other European competitors.

In 2010 the company signed a new Licensing Agreement with Shuco International for bonding all the glass in its structural systems.

The company is currently manufacturing more than 40.000 m²  of double glass for the domestic market (commercial and household) annually and is by far market leader in Cyprus. Exports have been executed also for the U.K market. Metalco double glazing glass units carry a warranty for faulty manufacture and have a practically zero rate of failure evidenced from the experience since 1982.

Metalco (Glazing) Ltd, responding to the contemporary need of modern architecture has also established a network of co-operation to execute successfully projects involving structural glazing. Our partners in this effort are well known companies Europe, market leaders in their fields.


Andreas Masouras
Executive Director
Metalco (Glazing) Ltd


Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


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