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Coloured Glass: Stopsol

glass with a solar-control reflective pyrolytic coating
in single panes or insulating glazing

Stopsol glazing building photo

Stopsol Stopsol desccription

  • Glasses with a hard A-type pyrolytic coating according to EN 1096-1, which can be used in a variety of processing options including toughening, bending and silk-screen printing
  • The Stopsol brand comprises three types of coatings: Classic (amber look), Supersilver (silvered look) and Silverlight (bluish look). These coatings are generally available on clear glasses and some coloured glasses
  • The coating may be applied in position 1 or 2. This will affect how the glass looks, particularly coloured glass
  • Can be assembled in insulating glazing with a low-emissivity TopN+ glass
  • Range of spandrels available in monolithic glass and double glazing
  • Uses: single glazing – insulating glazing – laminated glass – thermally toughened glass, bent glass, enamelled glass, silk-screen printed glass


  • Reflective glasses providing privacy and visual comfort
  • Multiple combinations of solar-control and light-transmission levels and various colours
  • These glasses offer architects limitless creativity: one range can be used for all applications


Comments Table
  • Stopsol coatings are not low-emissivity
  • We recommend using the same thickness of glass throughout a façade, especially when the Stopsol coatings are applied in position 2

Performance and Colour Range

Performance & colour range table

(1) Identical values for a 15 or 16 mm spacer.


Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


Heat Strengthend Glass

Thermally Toughened Glass

Thermally Toughened HST Glass

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