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Thermal Insulation: Planibel G

glass with a toughenable pyrolytic coating
in single or double glazing

Private house

Planibel G and G fasT Planibel G description

  • Clear float glass with a pyrolytic A-type coating (Ug value up to 1.5) i.e. a low-emissivity coating with a 1.5-W/m2.K U value according to EN 1096
  • Thanks to its hard coating, Planibel G and G fasT can be toughened and used in single or double glazing (the coating does not need to be edge-stripped)
  • High level of energy transmission
  • Various applications in residential and commercial buildings (in double glazing use position 3 and with double windows bear in mind the toughness of the coating) and household appliances

Planibel G - Benefits

  • Valued for its aesthetic qualities: neutral, high level of light transmission and low level of reflection
  • Easy to use: can be processed in all ways including toughening and bending. Can be used in single glazing thanks to its pyrolytic coating.

Planibel G fasT - Additional Benefits

In contrast to Planibel G, Planibel G fasT undergoes further surface treatment which gives it the following additional benefits:

  • Toughenable in all types of furnaces
  • Faster toughening cycle
  • Glass is more resistant to scratches


Performance table

(1) Identical values for a 15 or 16 mm spacer.


Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


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