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Thermal Insulation: Sunergy

glasses with low-reflection pyrolytic coatings to provide
solar control and thermal insulation
in single or insulating glazing

Sunergy Sunergy Description

Sunergy (Ioannou Building)

Sunergy (Ioannou Building)

  • Glass with an A-type pyrolytic coating (EN 1096-1) which can be processed in all ways, including toughening, bending and silk-screen printing
  • Available in five colours: clear, green, grey, blue and Dark Blue
  • Can be assembled with Planibel Top N+ to provide higher levels of thermal insulation and solar control
  • Optimal Ug values up to 1.1 W/m².K
  • Recommended for use in position 2
  • Use: single glazing, insulating glazing, thermally toughened glass, laminated glass, enamelled glass, silk-screen printed glass (under certain conditions), bent glass


  • Superb appearance and visual comfort: high level of light transmission and low reflection
  • Especially neutral on clear float glass
  • Interior comfort: excellent thermal insulation combined with solar control
  • Can be processed easily
  • Limitless creativity for the architect: one type of glass can be used for all applications


  • The coating does not affect the natural colour of the base glass
  • Absorption: the glass should be toughened if the absorption level is high. Pyrolytic coatings are easier to toughen
  • We recommend using the same thickness of glazing throughout a façade

Performance and Colour Range

Performance & colour range table

(1) Identical values for a 15 or 16 mm spacer.


Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


Heat Strengthend Glass

Thermally Toughened Glass

Thermally Toughened HST Glass

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