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Architects and designers are increasingly looking for larger glazed screens and doors to provide buildings with new aesthetic designs and more comfort and safety for the people who use them. But in many cases, these glazings must be fire resistant to comply with the building regulations which aim to stop the spread of fire and to enable a safe evacuation of the building.

To fulfil these requirements, Metalco Glazing offers the Pyrobel range of fire resistant glasses, tested and approved according BS 476:Part22:1987, on both Integrity and Insulation criteria. Pyrobel is a fully transparent fire resistant glass, available in large sizes, which offers valuable sound reduction properties and complies with the safety requirements of BS 6206.


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Pyrobel Glazing

The interlayers expand at around 120 oC and tranfrorm into a rigid and opaque shield

Pyrobel Glazing Application

Pyrobel is a multi-laminated glass assembled with clear intumescent interlayers. In case of fire, these interlayers expand at around 120°C and transform into a rigid and opaque shield.

Once formed, this opaque shield enables the glazing to meet:

  • the integrity criterion, as the glazing will not collapse, nor let any flames, smoke or hot gases pass through
  • the insulation criterion, as no radiant nor conductive heat are transmitted

Pyrobel provides a complete protection against fire

  • the integrity function ensures that the fire will not spread to adjacent rooms, stairs, floors or buildings
  • the insulation function avoids the danger or combustible materials being ignited on the protected side and ensures a safe and panic-free evacuation as people will not see any flames nor feel any heat


Pyrobel can be used in all applications where building regulations stipulate a specific level of fire resistance and where natural light and clear visibility are required, such as:

  • hospitals
  • schools
  • hotels, restaurants
  • stores, shopping centres
  • office buildings, computers rooms
  • industrial buildings, warehouses, laboratories
  • airports


  • fire resistant glass that complies with the integrity and insulation criteria
  • clear glass that provides distortion free vision. It does not incorporate any wire and its light transmission is comparable to clear float glass
  • safety glass that meets the requirements of BS 6206
  • excellent sound reduction properties
  • available in large sizes, up to 290 cm height
  • available in very small sizes, without any minimum
  • designed basically for internal vertical glazing applications but can also be supplied as an external grade single or double glazing, incorporating a UV filter, provided that our external glazing instructions are respected
  • available in special constructions incorporating other Metalco Glazing products such as solar-control, low emissivity, patterned or tinted glass
  • available incorporated into antibandit and bullet resistant glass according to specifications
  • available in rectangular, rectilinear or curvilinear shapes
  • can be cut to size from stock and its readily available from our accredited Pyrobel stockists
  • can be easily fitted into most fire screens and doors

Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


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