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Fire Tests

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Fire Regulations

Fire regulations are specified by several national and international standards. Building regulations, By-laws and Codes describe the specific level of fire protection required (criteria, period of time).

Pyrobel glass is only a part of a complete fire resistant system. It is the responsability of the users to ensure that the fire resistant element as a whole satisfies the current regulations, and to obtain the approval from the competent authorities.

Metalco Glazing disclaim all liability should Pyrobel be installed in systems that do not comply with the regulations. Pyrobel has been successfully tested according to most european standards, including BS 476:Part 22: 1987 (which, together with BS 476 : Parts 20, 21, 23 and 24 supersedes BS 476 : Part 8 : 1972).


The Pyrobel quality and performances are carefully controlled at each step of production. Due to the nature of its special intumescent interlayers, Pyrobel may exhibit or develop some minor imperfections such as small inclusions and bubbles, a slight distortion and a light haze. These features which do not affect the free vision nor the fire resistance of the glazing shall not be considered as defects provided the variation of haze and light transmission do not exceed 5 %. The edge area may include larger air bubbles or imperfections that will be hidden by the rebates.

Fire Test

The element to be fire tested is placed in front of a furnace that is heated according the Time/Temperature Curve described by the respective standards. Two different criteria are considered:

  • Integrity

    i.e. the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames or hot gases. This criterion is assessed either visually (no collapsing or sustained flaming), by means of a cotton fibre pad (no glowing of flaming) or by gauges that may not penetrate through cracks or tears in the glazing.

  • Insulation

    i.e.the ability of the element to stop conductive and radiant heat. The mean temperature on the unexposed face must not increase by more than 140°C above ambient, nor must it increase by more than 180°C above ambient at one point. A fire resistant glass must fulfil at least the integrity criterion. Pyrobel glasses fulfil both integrity and insulation criteria for durations of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.


Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


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