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Laminated Glass (Safety)

Safety Glass


Safety as a concept covers a wide area and comprises several aspects:

  • Protecting persons against injuries caused by
    • Broken and sharp pieces of glass
    • A fall (defenestration)
  • Where the risk of injury alone is to be avoided, the main factor to bear in mind is the breakage pattern of the glass. Care should be taken to avoid the glass breaking into pieces which could cause injury. If protection against defenestration is also a concern, it is important that the glass is not obliterated completely if broken.

  • Protecting goods and safety against burglary and vandalism of private homes, shops and offices. In this case, the glass should remain in place and should prevent burglars/vandals from entering
  • Safety against firearms
  • Safety in the event of an explosion

Only a small number of glass products meet the breakage, defenestration and resistance criteria detailed above.

There are two main families of safety products available from Metalco:

  • Thermally toughened products and thermally toughened Heat Soak Tested (HST) products - see fire resistant glazing section
  • Laminated products such as Stratobel and Stratophone

Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


Heat Strengthend Glass

Thermally Toughened Glass

Thermally Toughened HST Glass

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