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Durable Glass Surface Protection


Be aware that glass without durable surface protection loses its visibility, clarity and cleanliness as a result of exposure to pollutants such as:

  • Rainwater
  • Traffic film and pollution
  • Insects & bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Run-offs from building materials such as lead flashing, silicone, masonry and concrete

Now there is an easier way: Clear Shield Logo prevents all forms of contamination from bonding to the glass, making it easier to clean and keep clean, and to retain its pristine appearance for longer.


The “non-stick” protection is easy to apply and gives these unique benefits:

  • Low-maintenance and energy saving, reduces by 50% on average
    • ongoing time, effort, water and costs of glass washing
    • frequency of accessing the glass for washing
    • risks of damage to the building fa├žade
  • Maintains the original light transmission of the glass allowing
    • performance properties of glass envisaged by architects to be realized, such as “t-values” and “day-lighting”
    • solar panels to maximize watt output and energy conversion
  • Prevents damage to glass before, during and after construction
    • reduces or eliminates costly delays in construction due to glass surface damage during handling, transport, storage and installation by surface corrosion, weathering, chemical attack and casual abrasion
    • makes inspection of the glass faster and easier at all stages of fabrication and construction
    • reduces time, effort and costs of the final builder’s clean
    • maintains the building’s appearance and image

Glasses may be heat-treated to enhance their resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.


Heat Strengthend Glass

Thermally Toughened Glass

Thermally Toughened HST Glass

Tempered glass table